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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sadiatec Mobile, iphone, PC, All IP Bangladesh Rate : 2.38 Yen & J-Mobile Bangladesh Rate: 3.57 Yen

J-Mobile ::

  J-Mobile Smartpit Card 3000 JPY only.
  This Telephone Card can be recharged any time at convenience stores.
  [Important] Payments are non-refundable.
  How to use:
  Country Code + Area Code + Telephone No#
  For Japan(Local) : Telephone No #

Important Notice

Non Free Access Number
034589-9691 SadiatecCard / sadiatecSmartpit
034589-9692 Ring2phone Smarpit
034589-9695 Rose Family-New Sky tree
034589-9695 Gomti Calling-2
034589-9695 Subarashii group

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