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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sadiatec Mobile, iphone, PC, All IP Bangladesh Rate : 2.38 Yen & J-Mobile Bangladesh Rate: 3.57 Yen

Sadiatec Mobile ::

Cheapest international call from MOBILE phone cheaper than landlines. No computer or internet required. Sadiatec Mobile is the master piece of Sadiatec calling services. We believe in customer satisfaction. This is why we finally develop Sadiatec Mobile service. Call to international destinations from mobile phone far cheaper than even landlines with guaranteed call quality. For example, call 900 min to India with only 2000 yen from Sadiatec MOBILE.
   24 hr flat rate
   Full mobile flexibility, call from anyplace to anywhere
   Network coverage 95% area of Japan
   Japan made handset, mobile email, SMS OK
   No computer, headset, dialer or internet required
   PIN less dial and speed dial facility
   No cutting plan and 48 sec billing mean lot of saving
   Sadiatec Mobile to Sadiatec Mobile 24 hr Free
   Easy contract signup policy
Pricing Plan:
Fixed monthly service fee 1906 yen one set (Insurance incl.)
Cheap local call rates:
Sadiatec mobile Sadiatec mobile IP Phone 1 (050 -) Willcom 070- Landline Docomo, au, SB, emobile
FREE FREE FREE 8.4 / 3 min 16.8 /min
1 Calls to only NTT IP Phone are free. Following IP Phone numbers ranges are FREE from Sadiatec Mobile 050-3xx-xxxx (except 050-30xx, 050-31xx. 050-32xx, and 050-39xx), 050-750x-xxxx to 050-762x-xxxx, 050-862x-xxxx.
How to call:
Local call:
Directly dial local phone number and talk with lowest call rate.
For international call:
   Dial toll free access number 050-3771-9777
For registered Sadiatec card : Directly enter telephone number or speed dial number and #
For nonregistered Sadiatec card: Enter PIN and #. Then telephone or speed dial number and #
  To make next call ## and follow step 2 or 3
  To finish calling, just press disconnect button from phone.
Note about speed dial number:
Speed dial is a unique feature of Sadia Card system. You can easily set up to nine speed dial number by accessing Use your card PIN number to login. Then click subscriber profile. Scroll down and enter your speed dial number in the speed dial list management box. Remember the corresponding number.

Important Notice

Non Free Access Number
034589-9691 SadiatecCard / sadiatecSmartpit
034589-9692 Ring2phone Smarpit
034589-9695 Rose Family-New Sky tree
034589-9695 Gomti Calling-2
034589-9695 Subarashii group

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