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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sadiatec Mobile, iphone, PC, All IP Bangladesh Rate : 2.38 Yen & J-Mobile Bangladesh Rate: 3.57 Yen

Sadiatec IP Phone ::

SADIATEC announces the IP Telephony communication services, branding SADIATEC PHONE into Bangladesh market. SADIATEC combines voice, data and Internet services over the same connection for maximum value and flexibility. It is the first Internet Protocol Telephony Services in Bangladesh.

SADIATEC PHONE routes your phone calls over the IP Network using Voice over Internet Protocol, rather then telephone lines. But even though your phone uses the IP Network, it has nothing to do with your company. In Fact, you do not need to turn your computer on to use SADIATEC PHONE. Even the people you call dont need to have SADIATEC PHONE or the Internet to get your call just a normal phone. And when someone calls you, your phone rings as usual Setup is easy. Just connect the SADIATEC PHONE adapter to your Sadiatec IP Network and connect your telephone to the adapter.
1. Call around the world for less then what you pay.
2. Call SADIATEC PHONE client free of cost.
3. Call Other IP Phone client free of cost.
4. Call any Mobile number at only TK. 0.65/min (*Conditions Apply)
5. Receive incoming call free o cost National & International.
6. Enjoy ISD out going call.
7. Portable you can take your SADAITEC PHONE adapter with you when you travel within IP Network
8. You can also use Sadiatec Phone through the PC to Phone or Mobile adaptor

Important Notice

Non Free Access Number
034589-9691 SadiatecCard / sadiatecSmartpit
034589-9692 Ring2phone Smarpit
034589-9695 Rose Family-New Sky tree
034589-9695 Gomti Calling-2
034589-9695 Subarashii group

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